Travel Plan Coordinator

Vectos has experience in delivering Travel Plans by managing and monitoring sustainable travel initiatives and producing associated action plans.

We have a great understanding on the key decisions when implementing a Travel Plan and liaise with a wide range of stakeholders including residents, staff, transport providers, community groups and local planning authorities to ensure a Travel Plan is successful.

Our work in coordinating travel plans has involved:

  • Producing periodic Travel Plan documents. This has including monitoring Travel Plan objectives, analysing travel behaviour and recommending improvements
  • Undertaking innovative marketing campaigns to ensure excellent travel survey response rates
  • Attending external meetings Council Officers
  • Designing and implementing sustainable travel initiatives such as car sharing schemes, cycle hire groups and parking permit systems
  • Producing useful travel material on a regular basis
  • Assessing transport infrastructure and designing inclusive road layouts usable for all modes of travel.   

We have acted as Travel Plan Coordinator on a number of projects including at Edge Hill University, overseeing all aspects of travel for more than 15,000 people.