Flood Risk and Drainage

Vectos has a well-established and experienced team for the provision of professional and technical services in support of pre-planning, planning and post-planning work for flood management, water management and drainage engineering.

Our focus is in identifying and overcoming constraints through the use of practical and innovative engineered solutions and providing informed advice to our clients. Our experience allows us to recognise developmental opportunities, helping us to deliver an effective, valued and quality service, and thereby assisting in maximising the commercial potential of schemes. We cover a broad range of areas, which include:

  • Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs) and Flood Consequence Assessments (FCAs)
  • 1D-2D hydraulic / flood modelling for pre- and post-development scenarios
    Surface water drainage designs and strategies, incorporating sustainable drainage systems (SuDS)
    Drainage modelling (MicroDrainage)
    Masterplan advice, including incorporating mitigation and management measures into layouts
  • Flood management advice and flood resilience / resistance design measures (Property Level Protection)
  • Hydrological investigations (e.g. due diligence, permitted development applications and EIAs)
  • Utilities and infrastructure assessment, including foul water drainage

As well as providing stand-alone advice, our team provides a complementary service to the Transport Planning and the Infrastructure & Design sectors by considering water implications that could affect projects upfront, ultimately providing our clients with the comfort of efficient, effective and holistic design solutions and proactive advice from the outset.