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Vectos wins two landmark CIVITAS sustainable mobility projects

Vectos is pleased to announce it has been awarded two new European Union CIVITAS projects, contending against 63 competing consortia. Our involvement in state-of-the-art European programmes such as CIVITAS enables the intelligence learned to be fed directly into the company's UK portfolio, to ensure Vectos advice and solutions remain at the international leading edge.

Vectos, as part of two consortia, has been awarded the CIVITAS PORTIS project (PORT-cities: Integrating Sustainability) which focuses on sustainable mobility measures for Europe’s port cities and the CIVITAS DESTINATIONS project which focuses on sustainable mobility in Mediterranean and Atlantic island tourist cities.

International Projects Director Professor Laurence Pickup said he is thrilled to be working with CIVITAS for another four years.

“I have been part of the CIVITAS experience since its inception in 2001. It has played a leading role in advancing sustainable mobility in European cities and has changed the professional mind-set towards implementing urban transport strategies built on the three pillars of sustainability, social inclusion and growth. The demonstrations we implemented in the early days, such as car sharing, are now commonplace," he said.

"With these the two new projects, Vectos and our European partners take CIVITAS to a new level of innovation with 11 cities spanning the diversity of Europe from Madeira to Romania and from Lithuania to Greece; and with links to initiatives in China. Involvement in initiatives such as CIVITAS will ensure that Vectos stay at the leading edge of mobility innovation on the international stage. The intelligence gained will feed both the day-to-day planning activities and our strategic planning at Vectos, ensuring that all of our clients can take advantage of the innovative schemes we are generating with the 35 European cities with whom we currently work. These two new CIVITAS projects are indeed the icing on the cake."

The €17 million PORTIS project will integrate sets of sustainable mobility measures to address the problems of port cities in Europe. The major port cities are Aberdeen and Antwerp in the North Sea, Trieste in the Mediterranean Sea, Constanta in the Black Sea, and Klaipeda in the Baltic Sea. The results will provide measures for other port cities in Europe and beyond to develop and implement a vision of sustainable mobility that can increase functional and social cohesion between city centres and ports, whilst driving economic growth and improving the attractiveness of urban environments. The five partner cities expect to prove that more efficient and sustainable mobility is conducive to the establishment of vital and multi-modal hubs for urban, regional, national and international movements of passengers and goods.

Vectos will be leading the Sustainability Innovation package to ensure that the best practice arising from the demonstrations can be prepared for full implementation, taking the characteristics of each city into account. The final task will be to provide wider guidelines for other European cities.

The €19.9 million DESTINATIONS project aims to change the mind-sets of all stakeholders involved in managing the “mobility for growth” challenge in tourist cities, while adopting an integrated view of tourist and resident mobility. The project focuses on smaller touristic destinations where the problem is particularly evident because they cannot afford to provide urban transport services all year and don’t have the resources and flexibility to provide sufficient public transport services in the peak season. In such destinations mobility is highly car dependent, and congestion and other harmful mobility impacts bloom when and where they are less desired. This generates exceptional demands and trade-offs and local administrations have varying competences for coping with tourist and resident mobility needs.

To address this challenge, DESTINATIONS will implement a set of mutually reinforcing innovative mobility solutions in six urban areas of varying sizes and characteristics: Funchal, Portugal; Limassol, Cyprus; Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain; La Valetta, Malta; Elba, Italy; and Rethymno, Greece.

Vectos will be supporting planners in these cities with stakeholder engagement, service and infrastructure design, ITS and electrical vehicles. We will also be leading the task of unlocking private sector funding and investment.

Both projects will commence in June this year and will run for four years.