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Vectos Team Presents to International Audience on Integrating Carpooling into Existing Mobility Systems

As a leading partner in the SocialCar project, Vectos was delighted to welcome guests from nine European cities and regions to the EU SocialCar Innovation Meeting in London on 9 November 2017.

Paul Curtis, Vectos Associate Director, moderated the event and Vectos Tim Durant, Senior International Project Officer, presented on the topic of market awareness and business scenarios for the local implementation of advanced travel planning smartphone apps. Further topics for conversation included organisational arrangements for providing high quality public transport data, as well as the development of a marketing strategy for integrated public transport and carpooling services. 

SocialCar is a research and innovation project incorporating carpooling into existing mobility systems; by means of powerful planning algorithms and big data integration from public transport, carpooling systems, and crowd sourcing. 

Through our involvement in the EU Horizon 2020 SocialCar over the past two years and the upcoming iMOVE project, Vectos is gaining in-depth understanding of how smartphone journey planners will evolve and how Mobility as a Service (MaaS) could influence travel behaviour in the future.

We would also like to express our thanks to our guest presenters and panellists, Stuart McNeill from Traveline Scotland and Chris Bristow from Betterpoints, who joined us for the day.

The 10 cities and regions participating in the SocialCar project are Brescia, Brussels, Canton Ticino, Edinburgh, Regione Lazio, Ljubljana, Luxembourg, Skopje, Turin and Zagreb.