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Vectos promotes take up of ESPRIT for one-way car sharing

Development of the Easily Distributed Personal Rapid Transit (ESPRIT) vehicle and concept is moving firmly ahead with aspirations to have a prototype vehicle ready in Autumn 2016. As the project progresses, there is a prime opportunity for ESPRIT to demonstrate how the vehicle will work to the general public in demonstration cities such as Glasgow, Lyon and L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, which is near Barcelona.

Vectos’ recent input into the development of ESPRIT has been a theoretical market appraisal of its potential take up in urban and suburban areas. It has also included the characteristics of cities that are conducive to one-way car sharing, including population density, a low motorisation rate and the existence of a good public transport network. This was presented by Samantha Gordon-Harris to project partners and advisory board members at an the ESPRIT project meeting in Glasgow in April 2016.

During the meeting, partners took a visit of the demonstration site, Hillington Park Business Park to see where the ESPRIT vehicle could fill in the current gaps in public transport between the train stations and commuter workplace destinations.

The ESPRIT solution envisions an all new, purpose designed and built, electric vehicle for one-way car sharing that has the capability to be stacked (a bit like a supermarket trolley) in to a road train of up to eight vehicles. The vehicles can then be driven by one driver in a road train to the location(s) where they are most needed, allowing easier and more cost-efficient redistribution across the operating network. 

ESPRIT is now seeking to engage with forward-thinking cities and transport authorities across Europe that are supportive of innovative transport solutions. These cities should determine how ESPRIT's unique solution can meet their own mobility needs and should encourage people to use the vehicle as the first and last mile solution of a public transport journey. ESPRIT work partners will be proactive in developing relationships with European municipalities over the coming months.

For more information on the ESPRIT concept, please see: http://www.esprit-transport-system.eu/.