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Vectos is Partner of International Polis Conference on Transport Innovation in Manchester

As a partner at the upcoming Polis Conference on Transport Innovation for Sustainable Cities and Regions, Vectos will be exhibiting and presenting at Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester on 22-23 November 2018.

Vectos will be represented by Paul Curtis, Professor Laurie Pickup, Gareth Davis, Chris Hargreaves, Alex Kershaw and Emily McLauchlan.

Paul Curtis, Vectos’ International Project Manager and Associate Director, will be presenting on ‘Innovative Funding and Financing Tools to Advance Sustainable Urban Mobility’.

Paul says that Vectos is the most prolific UK consultancy on international research and demonstration programmes into the psychology of movement and breaking the link between economic and traffic growth, working on more than 10 key programmes involving more than 50 towns and cities.

“We are also one of the UK’s leading consultancies in the promotion of development-related active travel design, advising both private and public sector. We focus on designing for the relationship between active travel and economic growth. Our work concentrates on sustainable mobility and the local accessibility of day-to-day facilities,” he said.

“Our involvement in state-of-the-art European programmes enables the intelligence learned to be fed directly into the company’s UK portfolio, to ensure Vectos’ advice and solutions remain at the international leading edge.

“Through our international work, we can also provide clear advice on the increasingly vital sustainability measures necessary for new and existing developments and the requirements to design and achieve behavioural change in mobility patterns.

“To achieve these sustainability measures we promote a number of initiatives and concepts, many of which are part of our research and demonstration projects or are being delivered in developments. This includes: active travel, behavioural change, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs), car sharing / car clubs, demand responsive shuttles, electric vehicles and charging, mobility hubs, micro-consolidation centres, community concierges and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS).”

You can register to attend the conference here: https://www.polisnetwork.eu/2018registration. Make sure you visit the Vectos stand and attend Paul’s presentation at 9.30 am on Friday 23 November.

If you are unable to make the conference but would like to know more about our international research and development projects and how we feed these into our UK projects, please contact Emily McLauchlan ([email protected]) to arrange a CPD or Business to Business session.