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Vectos Microsim team take 15,000 ft plunge to raise £5.5k for charity

The Vectos Microsim team successfully completed the 15,000 ft skydive to raise funds for Acorns Children’s Hospice on Sunday.

The team substantially exceeded its target of £3,000, raising a phenomenal £5,500 to help Acorns Children's Hospice continue to provide care for babies, children and young people from 0-18 years with life limiting or threatening conditions.

Jokes from skydive centre staff about lose harnesses and first time jumps certainly didn’t help to calm the nerves of those who were terrified of heights, however they took to the challenge with nervous enthusiasm. The dive involved a 60 second free-fall where a speed of 120 mph was reached before the parachute opened for a five minute glide to the ground. The weather was kind and the clear skies meant that visibility stretched for miles.

Regional Director Stuart Allen, who has a very personal link to the charity, said he is overwhelmed with the support the team has received.

“Acorns Children’s Hospice provided invaluable care and support to my first son Murray and our family when he was unexpectedly diagnosed with SMA Type 1 at the age of six months,” he said.

“Murray passed away at Acorns the night before his first birthday, and Acorns enabled our family to enjoy every precious moment together over those six months. The staff supported us at this most difficult time and were always there to provide support and advice in a safe and fun environment.

“I’m so grateful that my team has shown me so much support because Acorns deserve as much assistance as possible to continue providing this opportunity to other families in similar situations.”

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