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Vectos Microsim awarded Modelling Support Framework

Vectos Microsim has been awarded the Tier One position on the Warwickshire County Council (WCC) Transport Modelling Support Framework. As industry leading experts in microsimulation, we are acutely aware of the wider political considerations that drive transport planning projects and will use our specialist skills to demystify microsimulation modelling and apply a common sense approach for WCC.

WCC has been using S-Paramics modelling software since 2001 to assess highway schemes, identify the likely impacts of development and to inform strategic transport assessments of Local Plan proposals. With Vectos Microsim’s assistance, it now faces the challenge of rationalising a diverse suite of models covering each District and Borough in the County, ranging from simple corridor models to more complex wide-area models.

Vectos Microsim Director James Edwards said: “Outsourcing this work to Vectos Microsim will provide a cost-effective solution that will also allow Warwickshire County Council to focus on other increasing internal pressures to maximise funding opportunities.”

“In the transport planning field, we consider ourselves to be industry experts in Paramics, which is a niche within the niche of microsimulation. We are looking forward to showcasing our expertise and working with Warwickshire County Council to deliver efficient and user-friendly solutions using this software.

“We are particularly proud of the positive feedback we receive from various clients on the quality of our data presentation. Unlike most modelling consultancies that simply provide tables of difficult to comprehend data, we take it a few steps further by developing visual aids through GIS software. These skills are invaluable as it enables us to convey complex outputs and analysis to wider client and stakeholder groups in a simple manner which, most importantly, can be easily interpreted.”

Under the terms of the contract, Vectos Microsim’s scope of work will cover three main areas:

  • S-Paramics microsimulation model development, maintenance, strength / weakness analysis and support to ensure WCC has the necessary tools to undertake assessments and maintain the MRF business model.
  • S-Paramics microsimulation modelling to support transport scheme appraisal, testing and analysis to support Major Scheme Business Case development.
  • Local Plan, Core Strategy and other Development Planning S-Paramics microsimulation modelling and evidence support.

The Framework commenced on 1 February 2016 and will support WCC and its Districts and Boroughs for an initial contract term of two years, with an option to extend the contract by up to two additional years.

In addition to the Framework, we are extensively involved in supporting all of the Districts and Boroughs through the Local Plan determination process by providing the evidence to support the adoption based on WCC’s existing suite of Paramics models. We are also assisting WCC with bid preparation to secure scheme funding through the Local Enterprise Partnership and Growth Deal.

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About Vectos Microsim

Vectos Microsim provides transport microsimulation consultancy support across the transport planning sectors. With more than 20 years’ experience in the development and application of microsimulation models and modelling techniques, particularly the use of S-Paramics and VISSIM, our team has the necessary skills and experience to apply microsimulation across a range of projects and for public and private clients. 

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