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Vectos assesses trends in urban congestion policy

Traffic congestion is the major urban transport problem. Congestion is estimated to cost 100 billion Euros annually across the EU; and this figure is forecast to rise by 50% by 2050.

However, some cities are now managing to reduce levels of car ownership and use while maintaining economic growth and offering cleaner, more sustainable living environments. How has this been achieved and why can’t other European cities follow suit? This is the challenge of the European funded initiative CREATE.

CREATE will work with 5 cities where car ownership and use is declining: London, Paris, Copenhagen, Vienna and Berlin; and with 5 cities where it continues to increase rapidly: Bucharest, Adana, Skopje, Tallinn and Amman. 

Vectos' role in CREATE is to synthesize the findings and isolate the common European patterns, policies and processes to give support to other cities. We will develop business and investment models for implementing best practice solutions in those cities where car use and congestion continues to increase rapidly. Importantly, with 2 other partners, Vectos will produce European guidelines for congestion reduction strategies. These guidelines are set to be the benchmark for European urban areas in the coming years.