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June Deadline for Consultation on the London Plan- Parking Standards

As part of the preparations for the Further Alterations to the London Plan, the Outer London Commission provided recommendations to the Mayor to provide greater flexibility in London Plan parking policy to enable boroughs to take account of local circumstances when determining appropriate parking standards for new residential and commercial developments.

 The Mayor of London has now published (11 May 2015) for consultation the document Minor Alterations to the London Plan- Parking Standards. The document sets out local parking standards and planning guidance for  more generous parking provision for housing development in parts of outer London with low public transport accessibility. They also encourage decision makers to take account of current and future demand for on-street parking.

The proposed alterations provide an opportunity for a more flexible approach to residential parking provision in Outer London, which is of significant benefit to residential developers who wish to provide a greater level of parking in these locations to meet anticipated market demand.

The alterations also offer potential for greater flexibility regarding office and town centres in outer London, albeit through more formal local policy guidance.

Consultation on the proposed Alterations closes 22nd of June 2015.  Should you wish to discuss the implications of these proposed alterations in more detail, or would like Vectos to make representations on your behalf in response to the consultation, please get in touch.