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Government’s £1.2b active travel investment strategy released: Vectos best placed transport consultant to deliver

Vectos’ innovative active travel approach and knowledge from working on various state-of-the-art European Commission research projects puts us in a unique position to assist our clients in the property industry to unlock their schemes, following the release of the Government’s £1.2 billion plan to increase cycling and walking.

Vectos Founding Director Mike Axon welcomes both the Government’s investment strategy and Sustrans’ five-year strategy to make cycling and walking the natural choice for shorter journeys.

“Vectos has always prioritised walking and cycling for short journeys, so active travel is at the heart of our transport strategies. Policy and guidance already steers development to prioritise mobility in the order of: virtual, active, shared and finally private car, and we are fully supportive of this approach,” he said.

Some of our current project successes in promoting cycling and walking are below.

  • Silverstone Business Park: MEPC wholeheartedly embraces the concept of building business communities at a social scale. We have helped to prioritise and sell the concepts of active travel by providing super cycle routes, pool bikes, a cycle hire scheme and a public realm that encourages movement at a pedestrian scale and integrates businesses in the park.
  • Stevenage Local Plan: at the Local Plan Hearing we were successful in diverting highway improvement funding to the local cycle network and the systems that encourage and provide for the most sustainable types of travel by proving that there would be no benefit in making junction tweaks for the benefit of peak hour commuters.
  • Cardiff strategic sites: we have been working on four of the five strategic housing sites in the Local Plan and have been successfully promoted them by proving that road capacity will not increase despite an additional 40,000 homes being created. Our strategy includes community concierges, cycle super routes, school travel planning and bus rapid transit. In fact, many traffic junctions have been designed specifically to limit traffic flow.

“We are involved in more sustainable travel European Commission programmes than any other UK-based consultant. This enables the intelligence learned to be fed directly into the company's portfolio, ensuring our advice and solutions remain at the international leading edge,” said Mike.

“To bring the best practices into our day-to-day business we also hire a very diverse team that spans more than just transport planners and engineers. We employ psychologists to determine effective ways to influence the mindsets and behaviours of commuters, and health experts to create programmes that ultimately lead to modal shift through education and initiatives.

“We are also pleased to hear that a significant portion of the funding is being directed towards training for children and road safety improvements. Approximately 50% of peak hour movement is education-related travel, which provides the opportunity for some very easy wins. Road safety is the single greatest barrier to cycling, so development in this field is critical to the strategy’s success.”

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