Vectos GmbH

Headquartered in Germany, Vectos GmbH participates in a number of strategic consortia to deliver European Commission programmes focused on sustainable transport planning initiatives. Our involvement in state-of-the-art European programmes such as CIVITAS enables the intelligence learned to be fed directly into the company's UK portfolio, to ensure Vectos advice and solutions remain at the international leading edge.

Vectos International contains the research and innovation arm of the company, as well as the team implementing international transport planning projects. The International team works at the forefront of EU-funded research and demonstration activities, such as Horizon 2020. Topics include: active, shared and collective mobility strategies for urban and rural areas; automated, electro and micro mobility; the future design and use of the primary movement corridors in urban areas (from TEN-T to city centre); implementing Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs); achieving a change in behaviour and mobility mind-sets; Mobility-as-a-Service; and business models for new mobility products and services.

Our research and innovation work is much respected by our clients: It ensures that our wide-ranging portfolio of planning and advisory commissions across the company maintains a state of the art in sustainable mobility, giving the company a competitive edge.

In addition to the research arm, Vectos International has a growing portfolio of project assignments for the multi-national agencies such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the World Bank and UN agencies, which will grow further in the future.

Our motivation and objectives are to advise our clients on how to achieve more sustainable, healthy and socially inclusive mobility, contributing to the design and creation of more liveable cities and regions for the 21st Century. We do this by working with city and regional authorities, urban designers and architects, the property development industry and transport/mobility providers. In harmony with our vision, the principles of addressing climate change, social diversity and gender equality underpin all aspects of our work.