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Wrexham Road, Chester

Project Overview

This development of circa 1,300 residential dwellings on a green belt site has being promoted through the CW&C Councils Local Plan process. The site south west of the City Centre benefits from a sustainable location adjacent to a park and ride site, bus lane on Wrexham Road with frequent services and local facilities to reduce the need to travel.

Our Approach

Vectos supported the allocation of the site in the Local Plan.  Prior to the site being included as the preferred green belt release, we entered into early negotiations with CW&C to promote its sustainable transport credentials.

A Transport Statement was produced which set out a sustainable transport strategy for the development. This also included a demonstration of the adequacy of the preferred access strategy and that off-site improvements, including a Pinch Point Scheme could accommodate the proposals.

This information fell into the Development Principles document including a masterplan used to promote the inclusion of the site within the Local Plan Strategic Policy for Chester. Close liaison has taken place with CW&C transport officers to ensure that they have the required evidence base to defend the policy at the Examination in Public.

Vectos has now prepared a Transport Assessment to support a planning application for this sustainable urban extension.