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Wincanton Anaerobic Digester Plant

Project Overview

The proposal comprises the installation of an Anaerobic Digester (AD) plant. The proposed intake of feedstock will be circa 69,000 tonnes per annum with approximately two thirds comprising of the silage and manure sourced from the farms surrounding the site.

Our Approach

The site is located alongside the River Cale, which has extensive floodplain and results in a large part of the site being located in Flood Zone 3. A small stream also flows through the centre of the site, which introduces another source of floodwater. The site was therefore significantly constrained by flooding, which needed careful consideration to meet both client and regulator aspirations.

Vectos was responsible for the preparation of a Flood Risk Assessment, which included flood modelling to challenge the existing flood maps and improve development opportunities at the site. Various flood management measures were required at the site, which included a raised development platform, floodplain compensation and the realignment of the stream.

The Flood Risk Assessment also included a surface water drainage strategy, which was based on the principles of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS) and was designed to manage runoff rates and improve water quality.