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Thames Enterprise Park, Thurrock

Project Overview

Vectos has been engaged as the transport consultation for the redevelopment of the former Coryton Oil Refinery to create Thames Enterprise Park. The Park is a 415-acre site within Thames Gateway, which is North West Europe’s largest single regeneration initiative. The transformational redevelopment plans could generate circa 4,500 new jobs for the region, including apprenticeships and training opportunities. It will provide a new Thames Food Park, Thames Energy Park, and central hub (amenity, training and skills centre). The project is being driven by Greenergy and iSec, and will deliver wide-ranging environmental improvements to the site and the wider area.

Our Approach

Vectos is providing transport services and delivering a Mobility Strategy that provides a step-change in transport choice and providing employees with Mobility in new and innovative ways. The Mobiltiy Strategy is intended to transform the level of choice, attractiveness, viability and affordability of alternative modes of transport, and people travelling to and from the area of Thurrock will no longer be reliant on or consider the traditional car-driver mode as the only travel option. This is entirely reflective of how travel demands are changing and will continue to change, particularly amongst Millennials and Generation Z, who will make up a significant proportion of the workforce by 2031.

The transport services delivered within the Mobility Strategy include:

  • active travel corridors
  • bike-sharing 
  • public transport services
  • demand-responsive transport
  • car clubs
  • carpooling
  • Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs)
  • electric vehicles, including self-drive electric pods
  • Amenity Hubs / Mobility Stations

Vectos is also coordinating the wider Connectivity Strategy for the area, which aims to bring together the Council, developers and key stakeholders in a delivering a step change to Mobility for this area of Thurrock.