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North West Cardiff

Project Overview

We developed three separate applications (known as ‘Land North and South of Llantrisant Road’, ‘Land South of Pentrebane Road’, and ‘Plas Dwr’) to deliver approximately 7,000 dwellings, 1 district centre, 3 local centres, a secondary school, 3 primary schools and associated public open space and infrastructure.

Our Approach

We developed a comprehensive North West Cardiff Transport Strategy to help deliver the growth forecast for Cardiff in a sustainable and socially inclusive manner. The starting point was design – designing the sites at a pedestrian scale, and ensuring as many day to day journeys could be undertaken on foot as possible. Working with Sustrans we developed a Cycle Super Route network, which included a number of dedicated cycle routes through the strategic sites, which in turn connected with existing cycle infrastructure off-site. We worked with Cardiff Bus and Stagecoach to develop attractive, direct and economically viable routes, with a mixture of express services and stopping services benefitting from bus priority measures within the site.

In addition, we provided forecasts of the likely effect of Personalised Travel Planning in terms of mode shift, both for existing residents and future residents. We set out a management strategy for the highway network, making best use of the existing network and available road space to manage traffic flows in the most appropriate manner.