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The Nile River Transport System

Project Overview

The public transport sector in Cairo is going through a process of substantial structural change. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has invested in a Public Private Partnership to improve the provision of ferry services and to expand the scope of river transport on the Nile River. As part of this investment, the Cairo Transport Authority (CTA) has identified the need to update and develop the system used in passenger river transportation, as well as provide a safe and high quality river bus service for the public. The river bus service represents part of a complex, multi-modal system of public transport in Cairo, providing services for residents, tourists and leasing services. The river bus system currently connects 14 floating berths/piers on the Nile River through 10 lines, with approximately 2 million passengers per year.

Our Approach

Vectos' approach includes conducting a survey of female and male users of the river buses and to identify their needs and preferences in terms of quality and accessibility of transport services: to identify the constraints users have in accessing services, and the connection between improved access to safer river bus services and increased economic opportunities for women. Based on the findings of the assessment, Vectos will provide recommendations as to how gender considerations could be incorporated into the planning, design, and initial implementation of Nile River transport services to improve access to all population sub-groups including both men and women.