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Milton Business Park

Project Overview

Milton Park is one of Europe’s largest business parks (2.7 million sq ft), home to 250 companies and 9,500 people. It is managed by MEPC, which has engaged Vectos to implement and manage a holistic travel planning approach and reduce single occupancy vehicles.

As the Park expands, it’s redoubling efforts to reduce single occupancy car trips and congestion which threatens economic growth, air quality and wellbeing. The Park’s rural and car-centric bias pose challenges as its desirability stems from major road route proximity and free parking.

Our Approach

Vectos’ Veronica Reynolds is the Specialist Travel Advisor (STA) implementing evidence-based behaviour change initiatives to change social norms to make sustainable travel, cycling and car sharing the modes that people aspire to use and achieve a measurable modal shift. She is also lobbying for improvements to local services and infrastructure.

The benchmarking survey of 2060 occupiers revealed a huge potential for effecting change, with many willing to consider lift sharing and many living within an easy cycling distance of the Park. A travel campaign, promoting lift sharing, cycling and public transit use will use incentives, competitions and personalised travel planning to encourage people out of their cars.

Veronica is working with the business leaders at Milton Park to secure their buy in and support for the programme. After the first 12 months of interventions, the 2017 Travel Survey shows a 4% drop in single occupancy vehicle use. Most change has been to car sharing and cycling. The car share community has increased from 74 – 580 members and cycling has increased by 5%. The change can be largely attributed to an increased awareness of the health and well-being aspects of sustainable and active travel which was a key part of the messaging to the businesses and individuals on site.

New infrastructure improvements are now starting to open up, which are likely to trigger a similar, if not higher increase in alternative modes. Veronica has been retained for a further 12 months to push through these initiatives and to look at future-proofing the Park’s accessibility with innovations such as electric and autonomous vehicles, e-bikes and demand-responsive-transport solutions.

Milton Park also won the 2017 ‘Best Responsible Property Investment (RPI) Environmental Sustainability Initiative’ award at the prestigious RPI Awards.