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Metz Way Development

Project Overview

Vectos was appointed by LXB to undertake Detailed Design of a new site access to serve a mixed use development off Metz Way, Gloucester.

Phase 1 of the Development consisted of a Morrisons Store, with Phase 2 consisting of a state of the art Gym, nursery and drive through Costa Coffee.

The development site sat 8m below the existing road and therefore consideration had to be given to the method of retaining the carriageway access ramp as it entered the site.

Furthermore, a new all movements, fully pedestrianized signalised junction was to be constructed given the proposed vehicle demand into the site.

Our Approach

The solution to deal with the level difference was to design a lime stabilised earthworks ramp to reflect the constrained corridor available for access to the site. This solution removed any need for costly retaining walls or reinforced soil systems. In addition, it allowed materials from the site to be reused within the ramp, ensuring material export costs from site were kept to a minimum.

In addition, a watercourse though the site also had to be diverted as part of the design, and works to the main site could not commence until this surface watercourse had been relocated.

As well as servicing the new development, the access was also required to serve the adjacent Network Rail depot, with a requirement to facilitate 30m long abnormal load vehicles. The junction had to be designed in such a way as to allow access for these large vehicles on a very irregular basis, but also operate as a standard junction without excessive adjacent land take.