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IKEA, Newcourt Road

Project Overview

IKEA Properties Limited appointed Vectos to assist in securing consent for a new IKEA store with a floor area of up to 28,000sqm and up to 220 residential units. The site forms part of the Newcourt Strategic Allocation area and is in close proximity to the Exeter Chiefs Rugby Stadium.

The planning applications for the retail and residential elements of the development were submitted in October 2013, and Exeter City Council resolved to grant planning consent in January 2014.

Our Approach

Following discussions with both the Local Highway Authority and the Highways Agency, Vectos undertook detailed analysis of the likely trips to the store by reviewing the trip generation of existing IKEA stores and their associated catchment population. The analysis demonstrated that trip generation to IKEA stores are not related to the size of the store, but rather the size of the population catchment within a 60 minute drive time.

The analysis and associated modelling work revealed that the impact of the proposals would be negligible in traffic terms, with no mitigation required at M30 junction 30 over and above the improvement scheme approved by the HA as part of the successful Pinch Point Program bid. Until the planned improvements are implemented, an Interim Travel Plan was developed for both the IKEA store and the residential units to encourage travel by sustainable modes for future employees, visitors and residents.