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Hemel Garden Communities

Project Overview

The objective of the project is to provide a major urban extension of Hemel Hempstead to meet the needs of the St Albans housing market area and sub regional economic development objectives for growth in the M1 corridor.

The East Hemel project will deliver 2,500 new homes (40% affordable) and employment by 2030. It will also fund a new 8FE secondary school and primary schools, deliver substantial transportation improvements to the community, provide a housing mix that helps remedy market failure. It will be managed throughout by The Crown Estate to its own exacting standards.

East Hemel Hempstead is a dynamic and complex area of the town, with a variety of different needs. The area has one of the most important fuel distribution centres in the country; it has the biggest and one of the most vibrant employment areas in the region and hosts some of the most vital services and facilities for the town.

Our Approach

Vectos will provide transport planning and highway design to take the scheme through the planning process with the aim of gaining both an allocation in the SLP and outline consent.