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Harlow Paramics Wide Area Model

Project Description

Places for People appointed Vectos Microsim to develop a base & forecast micro-simulation model of the town of Harlow and the surrounding area. The model is intended to be used for development control purposes and more specifically to support the planning application of circa 10,000 dwellings to be located to the north of Harlow in the form of a new Sustainable Urban Extension (SUE).

The study area is situated to the west of junction 7 M11 and incudes mix of residential and employment areas including Harlow town centre, Harlow Retail Park and Princess Alexandra Hospital, and Sawbridgeworth to the north. The model has been developed to be reflective of average weekday traffic AM and PM conditions. It was proposed that the model would be developed, as far as is possible, in a hierarchical manner to the existing VISUM model including network extent, zoning and O-D patterns. It was established that a Paramics model of the study area would provide the most realistic effective method of recreating the congestion and interaction of vehicles between junctions within the study area.

Our Approach

Vectos Microsim has played a critical role in the development of the project, including the agreement on the methodology to be applied within the study by all relevant parties, undertaking site surveys to ascertain and understand the on ground network conditions, followed by the preparation of a local model validation report detailing the calibration and validation of a 2014 Base Model. The following stage, ongoing, will involve the development of a forecast model which will include extensive testing and modification of proposed schemes to be implemented across the model to support a planning application in the form of a new SUE within the Harlow area. Based upon this testing Vectos Microsim will establish a suitable Transport Strategy.

Vectos Microsim's strength and involvement in a project of this scale lies in our ability to convey significant amounts of information in simple form which is easy to decipher for all stakeholders.