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Braintree Brook Green

Project Overview

Vectos is assisting Acorn Braintree Ltd with preparing a sustainable masterplan for a proposed new settlement in an existing urban area of Braintree. The scheme includes up to 1,500 homes, a primary school, a local centre, employment opportunities and state of the art mobility and local living initiatives.

Our Approach

Internalisation of trips within the site is key to our mobility strategy as day-to-day facilities will be included in the new development. This not just reduces pressure on the highway network, but also provides for economic and social growth within the local area. The project will provide mobility benefits for the entire area, by providing facilities that currently don’t exist.

The approach to sustainable mobility is to adopt a general hierarchy for travel choice in this order: local living, virtual mobility, active travel, shared travel and finally single occupancy vehicles. This will provide health and social inclusion benefits. In order to promote this hierarchy, the development intends on providing:

  • Direct and attractive connections to and across the site to the traffic free active travel corridor, connecting the local community with other communities, Braintree town centre and Braintree railway station
  • Up to £1.2 million in upgrades to the active travel corridor and associated routes, improving the attractiveness of year-round use, and improving connections to new and existing communities and local employment areas
  • A Community Concierge, situated in a prominent shop-front location at the heart of the development, that will provide personal mobility services to residents, businesses and schools within the local area, and not restricted to just the development itself. These services will include bespoke travel advice; bike repair; administration of car sharing schemes; organised walks and rides; travel planning for schools, including walking, buses, cycle trains and scoot to school; liaison with transport operators; bike or electric bike hire; and a drop off point for internet deliveries.
  • A Micro-consolidation Centre which in its simplest form is taking receipt of home deliveries and arranging for their onward delivery by simple and sustainable means. This provides significant efficiency relating to the last mile of travel.
  • Access to high-speed broadband both at home and in communal hubs. This will encourage more community-based working and less demand and reliance on the wider transport network.
  • Access to shared travel facilities, both private and public, with a commitment to high frequency bus services or real time demand responsive services.