About Vectos

Vectos is a transport planning, infrastructure design and flood risk, hydrology and sustainable drainage consultancy specialising in assisting the property development industry to maximise the commercial value of land/assets through the planning process. We have gained an enviable reputation for master planning and securing planning consents and Development Consent Orders for complex and challenging schemes.

With 150 staff based in London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Exeter, Leeds, Perugia and Bonn, we have a proven track record in dealing with large scale redevelopments and contribute to sustainable transport planning initiatives across the UK and wider Europe.

Vectos' involvement in state of the art European programmes such as CIVITAS enables the intelligence learned to be fed directly into the company's UK portfolio; ensuring Vectos advice and solutions remain at the international leading edge.

Working with Us

Whether you are a client or prospective employee you will be forming relationships with staff at Vectos. As well as providing sound technical advice we consider it important to bring personality to our projects and that is what we do.

Vectos History and Management

Vectos was founded in 2011 by four former directors of Savell Bird and Axon: Mike Axon, David Bird, Ian Dix and Chris Hargreaves. They are joined by Joanna Lawther, Matt Thomas, Matt Russell, Anthony Tugwell, Ian Southwell, Jonathan Lloyd, Stephen Eyton, Mike Standring, Gareth Davies, Adam Smith and James Edwards as Directors to create a transport and design consultancy with an extensive depth and range of experience.

Our International Projects Director, Professor Laurie Pickup is responsible for a number of innovative transport research projects throughout Europe and beyond. His expertise and study findings regularly feed into ideas on our UK projects.

From the extensive experience of the Directors, built up during over 30 years in the development industry, we consider the key elements to successful advice are as shown below.

  • Director involvement in every project
  • Understanding the whole project - not just the transport aspects
  • Simple solutions to simple problems
  • Innovative solutions to difficult problems
  • Gaining the trust of the transport authorities
  • Understanding the politics
  • Negotiation founded on sound technical work

Innovation and Sustainability

sustainable and innovative transport

Vectos is committed to leading the way on innovative thinking about the bigger issues of sustainable transport, urban mobility and influencing how we make travel choices.

Through our leading role in European studies including examining public transport solutions in European cities (CIVITAS), implementing car sharing effectively (CHUMS) and changing people’s attitudes (MIND SETS), we bring this thinking to UK projects including a test bed for innovative transport solutions in Hillington (Glasgow) and innovative solutions to a mixed use scheme in Dunsfold.

We are regularly asked to input and comment on emerging government policies related to transport; for example, David Bird was a major contributor towards the transport section of the NPPF