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Winter Gardens

Project Overview

Vectos provided the technical expertise to deliver a planning consent for this contentious town centre site.

Working within the constraints of the site (topography) and the sometimes conflicting challenges set out in various planning documents regarding the regeneration of this area of Bournemouth, Vectos developed a solution which best served the mixed-use development and addressed the concerns of the local highway authority and planning board members.

Working in partnership with Phil Jones Associates, Vectos helped deliver a shared space solution for Exeter Road, which contributed to a positive outcome at a specially convened planning board and helped avoid a costly appeal.

Our Approach

Our good relationship with highway officers at Bournemouth Borough Council helped us to draw on work previously submitted as part of the original failed application, and quickly reach agreement on a number of key issues including trip generation, trip distribution and highway network assessment.

This allowed time and effort to focus on the more detailed technical challenges, including car park and service yard access and circulation, the diversion of a Public Right of Way, and the treatment of Exeter Road to transform it from an unattractive car dominated thoroughfare, to a shared space area attractive to all users.

We undertook extensive public consultation with key stakeholders, including all relevant officers at the local highway authority, local members, public transport operators, and taxi operators.