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St Edeyrn's

Project Overview

Vectos was commissioned to provide traffic and transportation advice in relation to a proposal for 1050 houses to the north-east of Cardiff, close to Junction 30 of the M4. Vectos contributed to the development of the site masterplan, as well as preparing a Transport Assessment and Travel Plan in support of the planning application.

The development proposals consisted of 1050 residential properties and a new primary school, on a site which was allocated for residential use in the emerging Local Development Plan.

The proximity to the M4 meant that the impact on the Strategic Road Network needed to be considered in conjunction with Welsh Government, as well as the local highway network. The position of the site in the context of the emerging LDP was also a major consideration in the evolution of the development proposals.

Our Approach

The Cardiff LDP includes a desire for a substantial mode-shift away from private car use. Vectos was instrumental in the development of a public transport strategy for the whole of north-east Cardiff, which included protecting a part of the St Edeyrn's site for a dedicated bus route. New pedestrian and cycle routes through and connecting to the site, as well as upgrading of existing routes, were also proposed. A detailed Travel Plan for the site was also prepared.

In order to improve the accessibility and connectivity of the site to the adjacent community and local amenities we proposed to completely change the character of the adjacent local road network by stopping the road up and converting it to a shared use surface for pedestrians and cyclists whilst maintaining vehicular access to the existing properties.

A PARAMICS micro-simulation model was commissioned to demonstrate the traffic effect, which was accepted by both Cardiff County Council and the Welsh Government.

This was a major coup for Persimmon / PMG as St Edeyrn's was the first large LDP site in Cardiff to receive a resolution to grant prior to the formal adoption of the draft Local Development Plan.