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Springfield Nurseries

Project Overview

The site was located on the edge of Cardiff and given a red / red rating in the Deposit LDP , reflecting the perceived inaccessibility of the site and the perceived inappropriateness of the site for development from a transport perspective. However, Vectos developed an acceptable access solution for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, overcoming the initial concerns regarding the site and resulting in unanimous approval of the scheme at Planning Committee.

Our Approach

One of the key challenges involved designing an appropriate vehicular access, taking into account the existing character of the adjoining road (the A48) and the site constraints, primarily a gas pipe dissecting the site. Vectos developed an appropriate proposal which addressed each point, and provided the access arrangements the development required.

In addition, Vectos overcame the perceived inaccessibility of the site by non-car modes by creating a shared footway / cycleway to link the development to the existing urban area and undertaking a detailed audit of pedestrian routes to all key local services and facilities to demonstrate the sustainability of the site.

The proposed footway / cycleway connected to the Council’s proposed improvement scheme for Cypress Drive. Vectos managed to limit the level of S106 contributions towards this scheme following discussions and negotiations with the Council, adding value to our client’s development investment.