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South Quay and Foundry Square

Project Overview

The South Quay and Foundry Square development is an important development that will kick-start the economic and physical regeneration of Hayle and the surrounding area, bringing much needed amenities and facilities to the region.

The ING development is situated on two sites in the centre of Hayle and both sites lie within a designated World Heritage Site. Plans for redevelopment include a new landmark building with an anchor tenant foodstore, ancillary non-food retail and restaurant units, as well as 30 residential units.

The development proposals seek to bring back in to use an important and prominent brownfield site that has lain dormant for around four decades. The foodstore provides vital local grocery shopping for the existing residents of Hayle who currently have to travel to other regional towns to reach the nearest supermarkets.

Our Approach

Access and congestion were key issues in the planning process. Applying our tools and methodology, Vectos successfully demonstrated that the majority of development trips were already taking place on the highway network. By supporting the development of a new foodstore, these trips could be contained within Hayle, thereby having a positive effect on the wider highway network as residents travelled a smaller distance to the development instead of foodstores further afield.

Further S106 negotiations with both Cornwall Council and the Highways Agency allowed for a phased approach to introducing the wider Hayle Development Masterplan proposed by ING, as the benefit of the foodstore offset trips generated by new residential dwellings in North Hayle, also delivered by ING.