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Shrewsbury South Sustainable Urban Extension

Project Overview

Shropshire Council’s Core Strategy identifies Shrewsbury as the focus for growth in the region, providing 25% of Shrewsbury’s housing growth and 50% of its employment growth.

The key challenge is to deliver this growth in a sustainable way by connecting new communities with existing communities and facilitating a step change in travel behaviour for the benefit of both existing and future residents.

Shrewsbury South Sustainable Urban Extension (SSSUE) includes circa 1,000 dwellings, a 50,000 sqm business park, a new local centre containing Waitrose and a relocated Percy Thrower Garden Centre.

Our Approach

Vectos has been involved at every stage of the process; from developing the overall transport strategy for SSSUE, to refining the details for individual applications for Waitrose, Percy Thrower, Taylor Wimpey and Lands Improvement Holdings.

The overarching principle of sustainable development has underpinned Vectos’ involvement at every stage, and each application is cognisant of, and seeks to contribute to the desired change in character of Oteley Road, which is key to the delivery of SSSUE.

Oteley Road, the old A5, is currently a barrier to movement, a high speed urban route which is frequently used by commuters diverting from the A5 to access the south of Shrewsbury. Vectos’ proposals, based on the Manual for Streets philosophies include sensitive treatment to Oteley Road, including the provision of pedestrian and cycle friendly junctions, reduced carriageway widths, planting and surface treatment, to reduce speeds on Oteley Road and encourage greater pedestrian and cycle activity.

Our approach gained the support of both the local highway authority and the Highway Agency, and we were also able to develop a bespoke financial contribution calculator to complement the Highways Agency forecast corridor improvements in this area.