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Priory Fields Retail Park

Project Overview

We initially worked for Axa to secure additional retail floorspace through a series of extension and mezzanine applications.

We were then appointed to undertake negotiations with the Council with respect to a CPO in relation to the Northern Inner Distributor Road, which involved a revised access arrangement and reconfiguration of the car park.

Orchard Street retained our services following the sale of Priory Fields Retail Park, and the successful conclusion of the CPO negotiations, and we have advised on a further subdivision and mezzanine application.

Our Approach

For each application the key issue is to understand the likely uplift in visitor numbers as a result of the proposal, be it the sub-division of a unit, a proposed extension, or a proposed mezzanine floor.

In order to do this we have undertaken a survey of the existing level of demand, and then calculated the likely uplift based on a substantial evidence base, which includes technical papers, site specific surveys, and an in depth analysis of trends at comparable sites where similar retail floor uplifts have occurred. We have used this evidence to demonstrate the likely effect of the proposals on the local highway network, both pre and post-NIDR, and the car park.

In terms of the CPO negotiations, we worked with the Council to amend the access arrangements to the car park, relocating the access from Priory Park to a Priory Avenue, thus maximising accessibility and visibility of Priory Fields Retail Park. Despite the loss of land available, we managed to keep the reduction in car parking spaces to a minimum.