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Magna Road Business Park

Project Overview

Poole Borough Council recognise the need for employment in Poole, and Magna Road Business Park seeks to address this need.

Aware of the constraints of the site, including a constrained highway network at peak times and the presence of Canford Heath to the south limiting accessibility, Vectos developed a bespoke travel strategy for the site by proposing a tailored bus service and supporting Travel Plan to encourage non-car modes of travel.

This strategy, together with supporting detailed analysis and a range of assessment scenarios, ensured no transport objection from Poole Borough Council or the Highways Agency, despite the application going to Appeal.

Our Approach

Vectos undertook a detailed analysis of likely trip distributions by reviewing census data, observed travel patterns and bespoke travel data from future site occupiers (including retailers Lush), to understand likely movement patterns to and from the site.

This work contributed to the development of a Travel Plan, which included a dedicated bus service serving the site, providing two routes: a direct route to and from Poole and Bournemouth train stations, and a circular route serving key catchment areas.

In addition, an exemplar approach to walking and cycling, including the provision of cycle parking and shower and changing facilities, provided confidence that challenging walking and cycling targets could be achieved.

This bespoke approach meant that transport and highways was not an issue for debate at the Appeal.