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London Road, Buntingford

Project Overview

The proposal aimed to redevelop the former Sainsbury’s distribution depot at Buntingford, creating a facility to serve a modern logistics operation.

Vectos reviewed the access and servicing arrangements of the proposals, taking into account best practice and the requirements of modern logistics operators. The proposals aimed to deliver flexibility in terms of capability, and certainty in terms of delivery, with no constraints to efficient operation.

Our Approach

Vectos used detailed knowledge of modern logistic operations to lead the direction on the proposed site layout, in terms of both access and servicing, minimising HGV journey distances and separating HGVs and car access points in line with modern logistic requirements.

Detailed trip analysis provided input for the design of a new car park access junction on London Road, which was also cognisant of and contributed towards the Council’s proposed village gateway feature on London Road.

Vectos secured the required car park capacity to accommodate the typical shift requirements of logistics operations, aware that at shift changeover times parking demand is typically double, with people arriving for one shift before the previous shift has departed.

A detailed Travel Plan, together with extensive negotiations with Hertfordshire County Council, East Herts District Council and Buntingford Town Council, helped deliver the scheme with no required S106 contribution and no site constraints - a successful outcome.