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LIDL Distribution Centre

Project Overview

LIDL Foods’ growth necessitated a larger facility for storage and distribution, as their operation had outgrown their existing distribution centre in its current configuration. Rather than relocate, which would disrupt service, LIDL proposed developing an extension to their existing Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) in Waterton Industrial Estate, Bridgend.

The extension consisted of an additional storage space of 1,453 sqm within the unit, as well as up to 2 additional delivery bays. The development will necessitate an increase in staff numbers but with no corresponding increase in car parking spaces.

The overall result to the client was that planning consent was gained.

Our Approach

The planning application’s success hinged on demonstrating that the extension would have no detrimental effect on the highway network and that parking demand could be met within the existing car park.

As well as preparing a Transport Assessment, Vectos provided full post-submission technical support.

The development of a sustainable transport strategy demonstrated that the proposed increase in floor space and increased employee numbers had a negligible effect on the highway network, allowing the increase in staff to be accommodated within the existing car park.