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Houndsmill Road

Project Overview

Vectos was commissioned by First Industrial to provide traffic and transport advice in relation to the proposed modernisation of an existing B8 warehouse at Houndmills Road, Basingstoke.

The objective was to secure a planning consent which permitted the demolition of two separate outdated warehouses and the construction of one building to suit the needs of a modern logistics company. This included revising the access arrangements, reviewing the levels of car parking provision, and drafting a bespoke Travel Plan which was cognisant of the need for 24 hour operations at the site. The key issues included trip generation potential and the routing of vehicles to and from the site.

The access arrangements were simplified, providing a more intuitive layout for drivers and minimising the potential for disruption on the external highway network. The security barriers were repositioned within the site, providing sufficient queuing capacity at both the HGV access and the car park access.

Our Approach

Vectos undertook a detailed assessment of predicted staff numbers, shift patterns, and modal split and used this information to calculate parking demand at all times of the day, including demand at critical shift changeover periods. This information was used to explain to the Council the specific car parking requirements of a warehouse facility of this type.

The Travel Plan set out the measures and targets to reflect the requirements of a 24 hour warehouse operation.

The development proposals were reviewed closely by the Council, and Vectos provided two separate methodologies (one as a sensitivity test) to demonstrate the acceptability of the proposals. This involved commissioning a 24 hour multi-modal survey of the existing sites and a separate review of existing data for comparable B8 facilities. Both methods demonstrated a net reduction in trips, which removed the need for any transport contributions as part of a S106 agreement.

The Transport Assessment was supported by a number of technical notes, and a number of pre-application and post-application meetings were held with Highway Officers at Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council to present the message in a clear and concise way and secure a planning consent.

We have been involved in a number of further applications, including a successful application to increase the permitted level of parking on the site from 400 car parking spaces to 550 car parking spaces, which was critical for the viability of the scheme.