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Gordleton Industrial Park

Project Overview

The Gordleton Family Trust appointed Vectos to assist in extending an existing industrial park within the New Forest National Park, close to the built-up area of Lymington.

The site, previously sought to expand its facilities but was refused permission at planning appeal in 2010, is located in a rural location, accessed via a network of rural lanes.

The expansion of the site would provide much needed employment floorspace within the District, which is in short supply. The proposal would also represent the final extension of the industrial park, with ownership of the remaining land to the south of the development site transferred to the County Council as a natural habitat.

Our Approach

Vectos provided transportation and highways advice throughout the pre-planning process, as well as post submission, including detailed design.

Traffic impact, and in particular HGV movements were demonstrated to be minimal despite the presence and use of narrow rural lanes in the surrounding area.

The focus of the highways work was in mitigating against the increase in HGV movements, which we were successfully able to achieve through a number of junction improvements in the surrounding area. Indeed, improvements at key junctions and accident ‘black spots’ helped mitigate against observed issues.