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Forest Shopping Centre

Project Overview

We were appointed to provide a Transport Statement in support of an application to redevelop the shopping centre and introduce residential land use.

The critical issue in relation to the introduction of residential land use at this shopping centre was parking demand, particularly on the weekend.

Our Approach

We undertook a parking survey to establish the existing level of demand, and then completed a TRICS assessment to forecast the likely demand and parking accumulation associated with the proposed residential development.

Our analysis demonstrated that the proposed car park could accommodate the forecast uplift in demand from the redeveloped shopping centre and the new residential units without resulting in any unwanted off-site parking.

In addition, and critical to the future success of the shopping centre, was an application we prepared to remove a restrictive ‘bus only’ TRO to the immediate south of the shopping centre, which restricted movement to and from the shopping centre and stifled trade.