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Edge Hill University

Project Overview

Vectos has been assisting the University for more than 10 years in relation to development proposals, car parking and their access strategy. This has involved the ongoing development and implementation of a Travel Plan and Traffic & Parking Management Strategy.

This recent commission saw Elliot Read appointed to the role of Travel Plan Co-ordinator where he oversaw all aspects of travel at the University’s Ormskirk campus, which accommodates more than 15,000 students and staff.

Our Approach

As part of the recent commission, Vectos undertook a wide range of tasks, including:

  • updating the Traffic & Parking Management Strategy
  • undertaking an innovative marketing campaign to ensure a record response rate to the 2017 travel survey
  • writing a new Travel Plan taking it through to 2021
  • attending a number of external meetings with Council Officers and other interested parties
  • updating the University’s travel webpages
  • consideration of on-site infrastructure including their cycle hire scheme
  • full evaluation of their car park layout (1,500 spaces) including signage.

Vectos is now well placed to assist the newly appointed Travel Plan Co-ordinator at the University to implement the Travel Plan and assist with further development of their campus.