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Crow Lane Greenfield Development

Project Overview

Vectos' previous work on the emerging New Forest Local Plan proved useful in developing proposals for suitable development of a greenfield site on the edge of Ringwood, Hampshire. Whilst the site is located within 2 kilometres of Ringwood town centre, it is a reasonably rural location with the New Forest National Park located to the immediate east.

The masterplan provides the community with affordable homes, a network of public open space, landscaping and biodiversity enhancement. A key feature also includes a leisure cycle route, the Castleman Trail, to be upgraded, providing an asset for the wider public.

Our Approach

Working with Linden Homes, Vectos provided transportation and highways advice throughout the pre-planning process, as well as post submission.

Traffic impact was demonstrated to be minimal despite the perception that congestion was a considered an issue prior to development. The Highways Agency was also satisfied that development traffic would not impact on the continued operation of the A31 trunk road.

We were successfully able to convince the Highway Authority that with a number of improvements to pedestrian and cycle connectivity, along with a series of mitigation measures that the site was sustainable.