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Colney Fields Shopping Park

Project Overview

Vectos was commissioned to provide advice in relation to a proposal for new retail units at Colney Fields Shopping Park, London Colney.

The development site is located immediately to the north of the M25 adjacent to Junction 22 and south of London Colney village. The site forms an extension to the already established Colney Fields Shopping Park, which has a variety of retail units including Sainsbury’s and Marks & Spencer stores and has 1,689 car parking spaces.

The development proposals comprised 8,966 sqm of retail floorspace across six units and 146 additional car parking spaces.

Our Approach

Following discussions with both the Local Highway Authority and the Highways Agency, a detailed Transport Assessment (TA) was undertaken which tested the impact of the proposals on the local highway network and the operation of the adjacent M25 junction.

Estimated traffic flows from the additional retail terrace were fed in to the HA’s Paramics model for the area in order to assess the impact on the Strategic Network.

An Interim Travel Plan was developed to encourage travel by sustainable modes for future employees and visitors.

The TA and associated modelling work revealed that the impact of the proposals would be negligible in traffic terms, with no mitigation required at M25 junction 22, largely through persuasive arguments related to linked and pass by trips.

The proposals sought to improve the circulation and dynamic capacity of the existing car park and also included a new site access and a new, dedicated service yard from Barnet Road. Our proposals were fully supported by both the local highway authority and the Highways Agency.