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Capital Retail Park

Project Overview

Vectos have worked with Capital Retail Park over a series of development initiatives, the most recent being for the provision of a new retail pod, a casino and a hotel.

The initial work included a detailed assessment of the proposals on the local transport networks, together with the provision of the required mitigation, whilst the more recent work has involved a review of the likely effect of the proposals on travel patterns.

Our Approach

Vectos reviewed the latest travel data for Capital Retail Park and considered the available data on trip types, including linked trips, pass-by trips and diverted trips, to understand the likely effect of the new retail pod, the casino and the hotel.

Vectos successfully demonstrated that the proposals would result in limited new trips on the highway network during peak periods, and any new trips that did result could be accommodated on the highway network and within the car park.

The individual trip characteristics of each proposal were considered, and this included revisions to the car park serving the casino to accommodate an increased proportion of taxis, in line with the expected demand profile.

Our work was able to provide sufficient evidence for the local highway officer to support the proposals.