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Brooklands Retail Park

Project Overview

We were appointed to provide a short Transport Statement in support of an application to subdivide an existing large retail unit, provide a minor extension and a change of use from non-food retail to food retail.

Our Approach

We undertook a parking survey to understand the existing level of demand of Brooklands Retail Park. We then forecast the expected level of uplift as a result of the proposals, taking into account the subdivision of the unit, the increase in floor area, and the change of use from non-food retail to food retail.

We collated a number of different data sources to inform our forecast, and made a considered assessment of the likely number of linked, pass-by and diverted trips based on the demand on the adjacent highway network, the retail offer available locally and people’s shopping behaviour.

The proposed extension encroached into the service yard and we undertook a range of swept path assessments to demonstrate the proposed unit could be serviced satisfactorily, and the reduction in space would not have an adverse effect on the overall operation and efficiency of the service yard.