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Abbey Wood Shopping Park

Project Overview

Abbey Wood Shopping Park is located adjacent to the busy ring road on the outskirts of Bristol, within the administrative boundary of South Gloucestershire.

The redevelopment proposals included the introduction of food retail, and an overall uplift in total retail floorspace, and a reduction in total car parking numbers. A number of restaurant units were also included in the proposals.

Our Approach

We demonstrated, that despite the redevelopment proposals and the increased attractiveness of the shopping park, the actual effect on the ring road would be negligible.

Following a review of survey data, an understanding of people’s shopping habits and the local retail environment, and the potential for linked, pass-by and diverted trips, we demonstrated that the actual number of new trips on the highway network would be limited, and within the daily variation of what would be expected on the ring road.

We also demonstrated the likely level of car parking demand, taking into account the forecast uplift in visitors and increased length of stay, and the likely effects of a well-designed Travel Plan which promoted the adjoining cycle route, the nearby rail station, and the local bus routes as attractive sustainable travel options.

In order to be a success in the long-term, the internal design and layout of the shopping park was also critical, and we provided input into a public realm scheme which transformed the shopping park and has played a key role in its continued success.